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The Historic Reed House


During demolition it was  discovered that the flooring in the rear portion of the house hid extensive termite and rotted subfloor systems. In those areas, all existing flooring, beams and foundations ripped out and replaced with all new construction. The sun room in the rear of the house was repurposed as a multi-purpose meeting room and the wainscotting  paneling in the front rooms was duplicated to tie the two areas together.  The old kitchen was converted to a spacious catering kitchen with new cabinetry, a warming oven, ice machine, dishwasher, commercial refrigerator.
On the exterior, the front porch was in very poor structural condition. All of the old structural beams and woodwork was removed and replaced with new LVL beams and all new paneling.  The flooring on the porch, which was sagging in many places, was jack hammered out, a new concrete base poured and porcelain tile  flooring installed. Masonry was cleaned and repointed as  A new exit was required on the second floor to meet building codes. A covered exterior stairway was built with the roof tying into the existing roof to maintain continuity of appearance.
Exterior  and interior surfaces were painted in  palette of complimentary colors to create an updated traditional look and feel.  The final product is a shining example of the possibilities that be obtained by a sensible, well-thought out,  thorough adaptive reuse done by a highly-experienced team of professionals.